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Ayurveda-The very effective system to control incurable diseases

Ayurveda-The very effective system to control incurable diseases- Comprehensive Cure-Worth trying-Nothing to fear for any incurable & the most dreaded disease[s]. 1.  The God explained, orally, to sages/rishis the ways and means of attaining the Ultimate GOAL  to  live  for 120 years-“Shatamanam Bhavathi” with perfect health. All such preachings are documented, in Sanskrit Language, in the form of 4 vedas-(1) Rigveda, (2) Yajurveda, (3) Samaveda and (4) Atharva Veda. Acupressure & Ayurveda are dealt with in second Veda the Rigveda. Target Therapy with the aid of Acupressure Techniques & Indian Natural Remedies, comprising Ayurveda-Dhātus (dhä•tōōs), ( from Sanskrit धातु dhātu - layer, stratum, constituent part, ingredient, element, primitive matter[1] ) in the Ayurveda, the 7 (Seven) fundamental principles (elements) that support the basic structure (and functioning) of the body. [2] They consist of,  (i) Rasa dhatu (Lymph),  (ii) Rakta dhatu (Blood), (iii)  Mamsa dhatu (Muscles),  (iv) Medha dhatu (Fat),  (v) Asthi dhatu (Bone), (vi) Majja dhatu (marrow (bone and spinal)), (vii) Shukra dhatu (Semen)

The Ancient Indian Medicine for incurables
The Ancient Indian Medicine


TRIDOSHAS(Three Weaknesses or Three Imperfections)

1.      Vata Dosha-Responsible for all Movement in the Body
2.      Pitta Dosha-Responsible for all Metabolism in the Body
3.      Kapha Dosha-Responsible for all Structure & Lubrication in the Body
4.      For Balancing Saptha dhatus, we suggest Nutrilege Capsules and for balancing Trisdoshas we suggest Triphla Aid Capsules.
5.      Ayurveda Surgery--Balancing Sapthadoshas and tridoshas--- in turn enables to dissolve malignant cells & cure all genetically trasmitted disorders. Further research is under progress. [Using Patented Ayurveda Food & Nutrition Supplements manufactured India and USA, approved by USFDA, in KOSHER, HALAL, GMP, ISO ETC., and all these alternative medicines  are safe, relatively affordable, and easily accessible. at Stores in your vicinity in 40 countries all over the globe. No Side Effects.] Homeopathy, Biochemic salts-enable Homeopathic Surgery to dissolve malignant/benign tumors, Herbal Remedies, Yoga/Meditation, Magneto-therapy, Sidha, etc., U can have sizable & perceivable cure/relief in 45-90 days. @ no/affordable costs, No side effects, and No Hospitalization. Hence, worth trying even for metastasized terminal cases to outlive for a couple of years or more.It is, economically, viable even for the poorest of the poor with ‘no insurance cover’.U may try it for any incurable disease including cancer of any organ[s], post-surgical recurrence of tumors, Leukemia, Multiple Myeloma, Blindness, ADD/ADHD,Lymphoma, SLE/Lupus* HIV/AIDS, Crohn’s/William’s  Syndrome, Uro-Genital Disorders,Gilbert’s Syndrome, IBS, PCOD/PCOS, Cellulitis, colon cancer, Thalassemia, Down Syndrome, Alzheimer’s Syndrome, Parkinson’s Syndrome, Marfan’s Syndrome, Hunter’s Syndrome, Bipolar Disorder, Muscular Dystrophy, Fibromyalgia, Autism, ALS. bone TB., Tinnitus, MS-Multiple Sclerosis, all brain & spinal cord disorders, CLL, Crohn’s Syndrome, endometriosis, Hodgkin’s/Non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, Renaud’s Syndrome, etc.
6.       “Just, to know the efficacy of ‘Target Therapy’, we made recorded documentation of some such incurable and genetic syndromes, like, Thalassemia, Down Syndrome, Parkinson’s Syndrome, Autism, Muscular Dystrophy, Breast Cancer, etc., and the results were amazing.” At present, we are engaged to cure a case of ‘Spinal Muscle atrophy’ from Ahmadabad.

How Ayurveda works on Tridosha

1. Removal of toxins from all internal organs & purging through Lymphatic system and thence to  Normal Drainage systems, feces, urine, skin, lungs, menses [females].
2. Activating all the internal organs to make each & every organ to function up to optimum levels, by purging out toxins. Acupressure Techniques ensure Hormonal Balancing, enhances metabolism and act as Immuno-modulators to stabilize the immune system.
3.   Supplying vitamins, nutrients, micro-nutrients, minerals, trace elements for invigorating the entire Immune system to produce antibodies.
4.  All items for a cure—available in Ur vicinity all over the globe.
5.  Important Note:
1. Cure can be had right @ your home.
2. There must be an attendant who should spare 4-5 hrs. daily to comply with all the stipulated instructions like rituals. Or an inpatient @ any Nature Cure Hospital in your vicinity can seek all stipulated instructions complied with most religiously, for the best results.
3. Our experience on successfully curing patients of Muscular Dystrophy, Autism and Neuro Muscular Disorders, proved that even degenerated Nervous-Musculo-Skeletal tissues are regenerated.

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