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Bell's palsy- Symptoms, Cure, Herbal, Ayurveda, Accupressure.

Bell's palsy- Symptoms, Cure, Herbal, Ayurveda, Accupressure.
Symptoms of Bell's palsy
1.     Sudden weakness or paralysis on one side of your face that causes it to droop. This is the main symptom. It may make it hard for you to close your eye on that side of your face. Drooling.
2.      Eye problems, such as excessive tearing or a dry eye.
3.     Loss of ability to taste.
4.     Pain in or behind your ear.
5.     Numbness in the affected side of your face.
6.     Increased sensitivity to sound.
Bell's palsy- Symptoms, Cure, Herbal, Ayurveda, Accupressure.
Bell's palsy- Symptoms, Cure, Herbal, Ayurveda, Accupressure.

Cure for Bell's palsy

1. Paralysis— One sided of head or face (called Hemiplegia)—Give Causticum 30 and KP 30x as above. 331.
2. Paralysis of left side- as above KP 3x, NP 3x and MP 3x alternately every 2 hours or Causticum 6 as above. 
3. Paralysis of right side— KM 3x, KP 3x, NP 3x and S 12xalternately every 4 hrs. or Causticum 6 as above. 
Dosage: 2 grains t.d.s. 
• All these biochemic salts/homeo medicines available @ local Homoeo shops, are safe and with side benefits. Don’t swallow medicine. The medicine to be dissolved on/under the tongue. Don’t take any thing 10 minutes before and 10 minutes after medication. You can take water.
3. Acupressure Techniques—NO MEDICATION. NO SIDE EFFECTS. NO HOSPITALIZATION. NO COSTS. IT IS SAFE ALSO. The best remedy for hormonal imbalance.
With your thumb, press your/his/her palms and soles, wrists and ankles on both sides. Suppose pain is felt while pressing a particular point in the palm/sole, u have to press the surrounding area—just like u r pumping out air from that painful point. The blocked energy in any internal organ, be it lungs, heart, stomach, kidneys, pancreas, liver, etc., shall be released along with toxins if any. As a last point u must press middle part of each palm/sole; so that toxins, if any, shall be excreted through urine without affecting the kidneys.
It should be done in an empty stomach or 2 hours after meals. With this, all the endocrine glands and their hormonal secretions shall be regulated. All internal organs shall function up to optimal levels. Ur entire immune system gets invigorated to produce antibodies.

Remote control Acupressure points given by the God.

For Treatment, hard-pressure is to be applied on & around these points with Ur thumb and middle finger daily three times. 
Dorsal side of Palms & soles:

Massage For Bell's palsy

1. Human body possesses more than 1000 acupressure [remote control] points, spread throughout the body, to regulate functioning of all internal organs. Massage by humans, with Til/coconut/soya bean oil, improves metabolism of human body and adds to immunity levels. One can have massage once in 2/3/4 weeks.
But, with Electrical Massager, freely available in US/India, one can use it daily twice. Massage remote control acupressure points. Just apply the machine on both sides of your palms and soles, wrists and ankles. The vibrations created by the massager activate your thyroid gland vis-a-vis all internal organs. It also ensures hormonal balancing. The best option for all brain and spinal cord affected disorders.
2. Use it in an empty stomach or 2 hours after heavy lunch/dinner. If fully tired, use it after 2 hours complete rest. Just take 2 glasses of plain water and use massager for 5 minutes on palms & wrists & another 5 minutes for soles & ankles.

Consumption of Charged Water

• 2 glasses Gold-best brain tonic and antibiotic, silver-to remove excess heat from the body and ensures optimum functioning of Kidneys, Copper-best tonic for /muscular & nervous strength and Iron-to increase hemoglobin levels in the blood.
2 glasses of charged water reduced from 8 glasses. It ensures excellent metabolism in the body.
• Due to money/time constraints, if it is not feasible to prepare charged water @ home, you have a substitute. Take 10 ml., each of Aurum Met-30, Argentim Met-30, Cuprum Met-30 and Ferrum Met-30 and put the liquids/dilutions in a glass bottle and cork it well.
Dosage—5 drops [adults] and 3 drops for children below 14 years + 1 cup of ot water—b.d.s. or so to say twice a day in the morning and in the night.All these medicines are available @ any local homeo shop in your vicinity all over the globe.
6. . Memory Plus -- -- 1 bdi in an empty stomach Ashwagandha -- -- 1 bdi in an empty stomach
Liver Tone Plus -- 1 bdi after lunch & dinner
Triphala Caps .. .. 2 bdi afer lunch & dinner.
Nutrilege Caps .. . 1 bdi in an empty stomach.
Patented Ayurveda Food & Nutrition Supplements manufactured in India and USA, approved by USFDA, KOSHER, HALAL, GMP, ISO ETC., and affordable and acessable at Stores in your vicinity in 40 countries all over the globe. No Side Effects.

Herbal Snuff: How to use

Take a pinch of herbal snuff and squeeze in swiftly through right nostril and after 3 minutes repeat through left nostril on the First Day.
Repeat it on 5th day and 10th day.
Utility: Brain concussion/Fag, blocked energy + accumulated toxins in any part of brain shall be cleared. The patient may sneeze out pus, bad blood, phlegm, water, etc. But, nothing to fear. Very useful as ENT detoxifier and highly effective to cure all ‘incurable’ brain, spinal cord and genetic disorders/syndromes.

Dr. Dhananjay Bhupathy
Dr. Dhananjay Bhupathy

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