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Bloggers Blog-What you must not post on blog to avoid penalty and play safe-The terms of service of the free  platform  blogspot  blog  or  the  Google  blog, are  very  lenient  and user friendly. Google or blogger strictly follow the fair practices and in return expects the same from their users. If any body violates their terms and conditions the blog may immediately be penalized. The penalties may inclode removing the blog from Google search block or delete the objectionable contents, detete the blog or entire account for ever. Google may also intiate a legal action if they find the violation is of grievous nature and against the local or international laws. However, it is a policy of Google to consider a legitimate representation by the effected blogger. In this matter, the technical auspect has already been discussed by me at at creating a Blogpost earlier. The list of activities which may lead to an action by Google is given below –
Bloggers Blog-What you must not post on blog to avoid penalty and play safe
Bloggers Blog-What you must not post on blog to avoid penalty and play safe

No Porn Contents or engaging in porn contents distribution is allowed by Google


Posting of porn contents or any thing related to nudity or their distribution or other related antisocial activities are not allowed at all.

Distributing a software without proper license on a blog

Distribution of software is not considered as an illegal activity or offence by Google but you must have a valid permit, agreement or license from the owner of the software duly authorizing you to distribute its copies.

Distribution of Music without valid license

Many people are found engaged in the distribution of pyrated music because the acquirement of such license costs much as every owner of music gives limited license. Distribtion of music without owner’s licence on a blogger blog is strictly prohibited as it is illegal activity.

Spamming is strictly prohibited

Using unfair means to generate site traffic or increase site page views with the intention to increase site page rank or scrapping contents from other source and other similar activities not allowed at all at blogger.

Child Safety is priority at Google

Contents related to sexual attraction towards children, their propagation or promoting and other related activities are strictly prohibited. Images suggesting these activities are also of the same category.

Never post Crude Content on your blog

Closeup images of wounds of guns or other weapons, violence scenes, images of deterarioted bodies, motivating for violence, scenes of accidend with human corpses are some examples of crude contents and are strictly prohibited at google.

Creating Violence is prohibited

Posting contents threatening others on your blog is strictly prohibited. psychologically motivating your readers to take violent action against another person or group, posting death threats against another people are the prohibited activities.

Racism is unacceptable at Google

Posting or publishing an article, content of which seems to encourage or support Racialism in any manner is not allowed at all.

Never engage yourself in Hate Speech

Google blog allows you to use Blogger platform to express your opinions liberally even on very controversial topics. But publishing a hate speech or some thing which imotionally herts others is not allowed at all. You are not allowed to promoting or propagate hate or violence against some one or groups based on religion, race, ethnicity, gender, disability, age, veteran status, or sexual orientation/gender identity. All these are covered under the hate speach category.

Copy Right violation is not allowed

The infringement of any type of copyright is viewed very seriously by Google. Providing links to unauthorized websites or websites involved in unlawful activities on your blog is also an infringement of copyright.

Bullying or Harassing Others is violation of rules

Using your Blogger blog to harass or bully others is considered to be a criminal offence. You may have to face severe actions or consequences.

Transmitting Malware and viruses is illegal

Blogs transmitting Malcoded(Viruses, Trojans, verms, spyware etc.) causing pop-ups, attempting to install software on other’s blog without his consent, or otherwise impacting readers with malicious code. are considered severe illegal activities.

Publishing Personal and confidential information of others


Always avoid to publish personal or confidential information about others however the information already available on the Internet or in public records is not considered to be confidential by Google.

Never involve in Illegal activities

Promoting or selling prohibited drugs, drinks, activities related to child abuse, encouraging people to drink and drive, and engaging in similar activities is strictly prohibited. If you use your Blogger blog to promote or engage in illegal and dangerous activities it is always in danger.

Trying to impersonate others is prohibited

Never mislead or confuse readers by pretending to be someone else or pretending to represent an organization when you aren’t in real. Parodies or satire are permitted but in an accepted manner.

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