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Blogspot Blog-Important General Settings

Blogspot Blog-Important General Settings-Blogger has a number of settings which have considerable effect on blog’s look and search results. Some of these settings also have relation with other options.for example the ‘Search Description’ option at the time of uploading a blog post will remain hidden until we activate the ‘Blog Description’ in the general settings. Some of these settings have direct impact on the search results. Therefore these settings are very important. These settings are explained below in brief.
Blogspot Blog-Important General Settings
Blogspot Blog- General Settings

Blog Title- This is the heading of your blog. You can choose any length of your blog title but it must not exceed 160 characters.

Blog Description – This is a brief description about your blog. You have to write this description within a limit of 150 characters. Until you write this description, the ‘Search Description’ option will not appear at the time of creating a post. The ‘Search Description’ option is very important from search angle.

Privacy Setting – By default it will be set as “Listed on Blogger. Visible to search engines” which the best setting. If you want to change the default settings, click ‘Edit’ and change as you wish.

Blog Authors – This option is used to add or remove authors. Just click ‘+Add Authors’ and follow the instructions.

Blog Readers – By default it is “Public” which the best option and almost all the blog owners choose this but you can choose other options too by clicking ‘Edit'.

Who Can comment – Here you will see 4 options. Choose as per your wish. The best option is ‘Anyone-including anonymous users’.

Comment Moderation – Here you will see three options ‘Always’, Sometimes’ and ‘Never’. If you choose ‘always’ all the comments will be publishes after your approval and if you choose ‘Never’ the comments will be published immediately when a reader comments. You are at liberty to remove any comment at any time, therefore you can choose any option.

Show word verification - This option is added to prevent any comments by a robot or any automated software. If you activate this option, each time someone comments a capcha will appear which is time consuming therefore if you choose this option you are likely to loose many comments because readers avoid to involve themselves in such time consuming tasks.

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