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Blogspot blog-Search Setting, Search Engine optimization tips

Search Setting, Search Engine optimization of a blogspot blog-Blogger blogs provides very easy search settings and you yourself can do these settings easily by writing a few words and a few clicks. You will see a number of advertisements from various experts claiming that they can optimize the search settings and some of them guarantee a certain traffic volume. Please note that by undue  optimization you may be violating the terms and conditions of Google or Blogger. Over optimization may be deceiving the search robots which their owners may not like. Therefore always have a standard optimization as defined under - 
Search Setting, Search Engine optimization of a blogspot blog
Search Setting, Search Engine optimization of a blogspot blog

Login to your blogger dash board.

Click setting. On the setting page you have to check three main settings namely Title, Privacy and blog readers.

Title – This is the title of your blog. You can use a blog title within the permissible limit of 160 characters. Try to use maximum key words in your blog title.

Privacy – This is very easy. Here you have to ensure to set at “Listed on Blogger. Visible to search Engines. Edit”.

Blog Readers – Select “Public” in this option.
Now click “Search preferences”.

You will see a warning. Please read the warning carefully and then proceed further. These are the most crucial settings of a blogger blog.

Description – As you see an option “Search Description” while writing a blog post in the right hand side. Whatever you write in this column, will appear in the search result but until you write this description the “Search Description” option will not appear while wrrting a new post. The search engines display this description in their search results. The readers will decide to click your post on the basis of this description. Therefore this is a crucial setting. You can write this description within the permutted limit of 150 characters and try to use maximum key words in it.

Custom Robots.txt.This is a small text file. If you are not very expert, you must not touch it because a wrong setting or a wrong Robots.txt may totally spoil your search results. For more details you can click here.
Blog custom Robots Header Tags – The blog custom Robots Header Tags is very important for a blogger blog. This setting is to be done very carefully. For detaild information click blog custom Robots Header Tags settings.

If you have done the above settings correctly your blog will get adequate visitors.
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