Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Computer Keyboards-Difference between British and American key boards

One of my friend has Windows 7 Ultimate on her computer. She wanted to reinstall it because as a result of to repeated crashes due to unexpected power failures it was causing troubles. She was not very expert and wanted to go to a computer shop to get the Windows reinstalled. I advised her to try to install herself and ask me on phone wherever she face a problem. After many conversations on phone she completed the job but after half an hour I received her call that she is unable to open her email because whenever she presses ‘@’ sign, instead of ‘@’ the ‘”’ appears and it is impossible to open an email account without using ‘@’. I got the point. While installing Windows 7 Ultimate it asks to choose British or US key boards. I asked her that which keyboard did you select while installing the windows. Her answer was that she does not remember. Then I advised her to use ‘@’ for ‘”’ and ‘”’ for ‘@’. Her problem was solved for the time being but she had to reinstall windows and this time care fully. 

Computer Keyboard-Difference between UK and US key boards
Computer Keyboard-Difference between UK and US key boards

The British keyboard and US keyboards are almost same and at first instance you can not find the difference easily.
1. There is an AltGr at thr right of space bar in US keyboard.
2. @ key works as ” and the ” works as @.
3. \ is placed after shift and before Z
4. # is replaced by £.
5. British Keyboard has 62 and the US keyboard has 61 typing keys.

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