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Dangerous Facebook – know the more Disastrous darker side of Facebook

Dangerous Facebook – know the more Disastrous darker side of Facebook - “FACEBOOK”, a social media website with more than 15000000(Approximately) accounts worldwide and increasing per minute does not deserve to be called “POPULAR” at all. The word popular is always used in a good sense, but there is nothing good at all at face book and therefore “NOTORIOUS” is the best suitable word for face book. A well known British Neuroscientist Baroness Susan Greenfiels said in the British house of lords “Facebook shrinks your brain” and emphasized need to control social networking sites like Facebook. You can Read full discussion on the article in British Parliament here and here
Disastrous darker side of Facebook
Disastrous darker side of Facebook

Benefits of having a facebook account

A number of people may advocate that a large number of people are linked to each other through but this can be achieved at Google hangout and other plate forms without any risk of privacy. The benefit of facebook accounts goes to its owner only. More the members, More the earning through ads. 

Your privacy is at risk at facebook

In 2012 facebook collected information of about 700000(Approximately) for analysis. The plea of Facebook in this matter was that it is for an experiment to make the service better and avail more relevant contents to the users. The reality is that all the contents on facebook are user generated and the only contents added by facebook are ads. 

Users are only wasting time on facebook

User mostly upload images or photos and other comment on them. The comments are mostly, “Good, fine etc. A research reveals that if a member used the site for 10 years regularly he will waste 40 valuable days of his life. In my view some of the users waste even more. I know a large number of people who use facebook for 2 hours or more thus they are wasting a considerable time of their life. If a user spends 2.5 hours per day on face book he will waste roughly 390 hours and thus more than 10 % of life in is wasted on face book. 

Constant research on your information and behavior at Facebook

Face book displays ads on your page based on your page contents and behavior and for this the keep on researching your accounts, then how they say that they never interfere in your information. 

Facebook adversely affects your health

A number of studies reveal that facebook has severe adverse effects on your health. It totally spoils your creative nature and disturbs your routine. Most of the people use it in the evening thus their sleeping times become irregular which may result in severe consequenes. 

If we compare G+ with Facebook

If we compare Facebook with, Facebook is far behind. Material in G+ is really much more interesting in comparison with Facebook. For example one user uploads his 5 photographs, one in blue shirt, another in green shirt, and so on. We have recognized his face on uploading the first image and rest of the 4 images are useless for us. In fact 90 per cent of the material on facebook is useless for users, but this is not in case of G+ and in case of G+ most of the material is original. 

Facebook Friends are not our real friends but they are bogus

As per records an average user has about 340 friends of which he hardly know anybody. While the sender sends a friend request, a message appears at random that confirm that you already know this person. You can simply confirm this by clicking and facebook has got nothing with this matter your click is taken as authority. Thus we can say that there are a lot of bogus friends on face book 

Mass copyright violation at Facebook

Mostly there are photos and images uploaded on Facebook. A number of them are copied from elsewhere and this is a clear violation of copyright law but face book has got nothing with this. 

Facebook does not make users happy

The happiness we feel from Facebook is far less than the tension created to us. Utah Valley University, PKMY, OREM, UT 84058, a largest public university in the state of Utah United States conducted a study which revealed that Facebook users are less happy in comparison with non Facebook users. 

Poor support mechanism and Biased decisions

If you make a complaint you must never hope a favourite decision. The decision will always be taken after duly considering the interests of face book. 

Constant monitoring on Facebook

Whatever you do facebook monitors everything. They monitor even small things like when you started to write a post and when you finished and when you finally posted it. Face book himself revealed this fact. 

Arbitrary and senseless rules at facebook

Isn’t it strange that facebook will decide that how many pages you will like. For example you can not like more than 5000 pages per year means note more than 13 pages per day. What a nonsense it is. If you see face book for two hours, you may visit a large number of pages but your liking capacity is limited to 13 only. 

Bogus Accounts at Facebook

To open an account at facebook you need nothing except an email address. You will never be asked for your home address or contact address. That is the reason that a lot of facebook accounts are bogus. It is strange that a male is operating an account in a female.

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