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Dangerous Smoking Cigarettes, Bidies Consuming tobacco in any form

Dangerous Smoking Cigarettes, Bidies Consuming tobacco in any form-Smoking cigarettes, chewing raw tobacco, smoking beedies, pipes, Chilam, hukka or consuming tobacco in any form is quite dangerous. It is strange that every smoker or tobacco consumer knows the fact that all these things are harmful, even them no body is worried about the consequences and rarely try to get rid of this addiction. It is more surprising that in last few years number of male smokers in India reduced marginally but the number of female smokers has beed increases. Let us discuss the matter in detail -

Smoking Cigarettes, Bidies or Consuming tobacco in any form is dangerous
Smoking Cigarettes, Bidies or Consuming tobacco in any form is dangerous

Active smoking and passive smoking 


There are two types of smoking. The active smoking and the passive smoking. If you don’t smoke, it does not mean that you are safe, you may be a victim of passive smoking. 

What is active smoking 


Active smoking is also called direct smoking. One intentionally smokes cigarettes, cigars or any other form used to inhal the tobacco smoke directly through his mouth is active smking. All the smokers use tobacco products for the purpose of inhaling its smoke are active smokers. 

What is passive smoking 


The passive smoking is also known as indirect smoking or the second hand smoking. A non smoker does never smoke but he is compelled to inhal the smoke left by smokers. It is invisible but is present in the environment. Such smoke is some time visible as the another person is smoking quite near in a public transport on at work place. This smoke is more dangerous as in addition to harmful contents of the tobacco it also contains infections from the smoker if any. 

Alarming Truth about smoking 


1. While one smoke, about 4800 dangerous chemicals like Nicotine, Pyridine, Amonia, Carbon Monoxide, Acetone, Arsenic Acid, Formaldihyde mix in the blood through his lungs.

2. Out of these 4800 chemicals, 69 are directly responsible for cancer.

3. Smokers loss their memory, loss their power of logical thinking and can not learn any thing and their mind gets decomposed.

4. As per researchers more than 60 per cent of smokers loss their lives between the age of 30-69 years.

5. There were 1100 million smokers in the world in 1990. This figure reached to 1500 million in 2014. Thus an increase of 36.36 per cent in 25 years.

6. 10 per cent of the world’s smokers live in India.

7. Number of male smokers shows a decrease but the number of female smokers has been increased in India.

8. Most of the Indian female smokers are in their twenties.

9. 700000 people die of passive smoking every year in the world.

10. 10 million cigarettes are consumed per minute throughout the world.

11. 100000 people die prematurely as a consequence of tobacco consumption.

12. 33 per cent of the Indian youth consume tobacco in one or another form.

13. There are more than 120 Millions smokers in India.

14. In addin to above more than 40 Million smoke deshi biri.

15. There are more than 300 Millions smokers in China.

16. About 390 million trees meet their end per year to manufacture cigarettes.

17. One cigarette or one deshi biri reduces yor lifespan to any amount between 1 to 5 minutes.

18. The greatest tobacco consumers of the world are – China – 3.11 Million, Europe – 0.91 Million, India – 0.72 Million, Russia – 0.64 Million, USA – 0.53 Million.

19. 15 per cent of Indian youth consume tobacco in various forms.

20. Tobbaco claims about 400000-450000 lives per year in India alone.

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