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Headaches-Causes, Home Remedies and Natural Foods for Relief

Headaches-Causes, Home Remedies and Natural Foods for Relief-Whatever the cause may be behind it but Dehydration and loss of important electrolytes such as potassium are considered to be the cause of headache. Technically the blood vessels in our body and head expand and this cause the headache. They ruin everything and Those who suffer from frequent headaches can never ignore it. Instead of taking a pill or two for relief over and over, we'd advise checking out some other solutions to the problem, such as check the food you are eating helps reducing your headache instead of making it worse, Make sure what is the reason causing headache. Sometimes some easy steps like eating some specific diet, specific food and even natural water may prove very helpful. If you face repeated headache it may prove severely harmful and consulting an expert physician is necessary but in ordinary cases, following tips may be very helpful.

Home Remedies for headache
Home Remedies for headache
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Baked Potato for relief from headache

Those habitual of alcohol may get relief by Baked potato to alleviate a headache as alcohol causes excessive urine which cause dehydration and the loss of important electrolytes such as potassium. Eating foods rich in potassium can then ease hangover headaches. A potato with peel is one of the best sources of this mineral, which contains about 720 mg of potassium (A banana, contains only 460 mg).

Watermelon for relief from headache

The most common reason of headache is dehydration so before you take a pill, consider eating foods rich in water, such as the watermelon. There are a number of fruit and vegetables which are rich in water and some of them also contain important minerals such as magnesium, considered as an aid against headaches.

Coffee for relief from headache

Coffee  is considered to be a great home remedy for headaches.  Many headache pills used to treat headache contain caffeine. The secret, however, is moderation. The technical reason is that While alcohol makes the blood vessels in our body and head expand and coffee shrinks them and thus it reduces the pain. Please note that excessive use of coffee may increase more of urine which in turn will cause dehydration resulting in headache. So, drink only one cup of coffee and a cup of water for better results.

Whole Wheat Bread for relief from headache

A deficiency of carbohydrates in your diet decreases the body's glycogen a main source of energy to the brain, which may cause frequent headaches.Whole wheat bread may prove very helpful in such cases.

Almonds for relief from headache

Magnesium present in almonds may protect the body from headaches by releasing the blood vessels. Those suffering from migraines, a magnesium rich diet may give a great relief. To increase magnesium in your body consume almonds, bananas, avocado and whole rice etc.

Spicy Salsa for relief from headache

Foods like spicy salsa or hot peppers may relieve you headache faster. Sometimes the pain is related to sinuses and these foods are very effective at solving pain related to your sinuses. The spicy foods  opens the breathing tract and alleviates the headache.

Yogurt for relief from headache

If your head is aching in a fast throb, it may be a warning that your body is giving you that it needs calcium for functioning efficiently. Please take calcium rich foods like regular greek yogurt with no fat, and sugars.

Sesame Seeds for relief from headache

Though tiny in size but the sesame seeds contain a considerable amount of vitamin E, which may help stabilize estrogen levels in women and help prevent migraine. They are also rich in magnesium prevent headaches regulate blood circulation..

Spinach for relief from headache

Spinach has been proven to have properties to reduce blood pressure and deal with hangovers. So if your head is throbbing, consider a big salad, replace lettuce, with spinach.

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