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How to write a stunning blog post in blogspot bog


How to write a stunning blog post in blogspot bog
There are many ways to writing a blog post on blogger. We can use blogger post editor or other text editors like MS word, word Pad or notepad etc. Most of the bloggers use MS word to write a blog post but the blogger post editor is the best option to write a new post. The blogger provides all options available in other text editors. If we write a new post using another text editor, copy it and past at blogger even then we have to edit it in the blogger post editor, to appear the post properly, then why to write a post elsewhere. 
How to write a new blog post in blogger
Write a new blog post in blogger

How to write a new blog post using blogger post editor

Writing a post in blogger post editor is the simplest way and it is recommended by blogger. To write a post login to your blogger dash board and click on the orange pencil icon. The post editor will appear with all its options. You can work here like any other text editor. It provides some extra option related to blog posts like add or remove link, insert image, insert a video, insert jump break which no other text editor provides. Therefore, always write a blog post in bloggers post editor. 
Orange Pencil Icon
Orange Pencil Icon

Write a blog post in other text editor and paste here

You can write a post in other text editor like MS word, Word Pad, note pad etc and paste here. In such case you will have to do the following – 

1. Copy the post from where you have written and paste it here.

2. Select all(Ctrl+A)

3. Press CTRL+Space bar(Your Paragraph space may change)

4. Click on ‘F’ and select “Default Font”(For English Language Only)

5. Choose ‘Justified’ icon from alignment options.

6. Click any where to remove highlighting.

7. Adjust your paragraph and line spaces properly.

Now your post is ready to publish. Complete rest of the steps like uploading images, Videos, inserting jump break, labeling, writing search description, permalinks etc. and publish it.

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