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Lymph Node Enlargement-Causes, Symptoms and remedies -  Lymphatic system is nothing but a scavenging system [a part of immune system] collecting toxins, produced out of bacterial/viral infections/auto immune disorders,etc., from each and every organ and put the debris into excretory channels. They are urine, faeces, skin, menses [females] and lungs. 

Lymph Node Enlargement
 Image source- www.planetayurveda.com

2. In any ailment, be it cancer, HIV/AIDS/Muscular Dystrophy/Autism/Diabetes/chronic allergies, etc.,--the first system to be affected is lymphatic system.
3. The lymph node enlargement is the first symptom/sign of working immune system. The swollen lymph node[s] may turn into a cyst, carbuncle,furuncle,abscess, boil, pustule, tumor [benign and malignant].

Cure: Lymph Glands— (enlargement of) Mixture of CF 3x KM 3x and NP 3x. If gland is stony hard give CF 3x alone.
Dosage: 2 grains t.d.s.

• All these biochemic salts/homeo medicines available @ local Homoeo shops, are safe and with side benefits. Don’t swallow medicine. The medicine to be dissolved on/under the tongue. Don’t take any thing 10 minutes before and 10 minutes after medication. You can take water.

4. If they won’t disappear in a couple of months, with the treatment cited, prudent to see a general surgeon.

5. The best /diagnosis/remedy lies with a general surgeon.

6. Why? Prudent to see a general surgeon/local homeopath [for less costs]/dermatologist for physical examination, relevant investigations, accurate diagnosis and permanent cure by medication and or surgical interference Because, in all chronic issues with complicated & confusing symptoms-involving many organs, I prefer a General Surgeon, who shall be accurate in arriving at the right diagnosis by pin-pointing the affected organ[s]/tissues and ensures fast relief with surgical interference.

Much before the advent of super-specialties like neuro/pediatric/cardiac/renal/gynec/brai... gastro-enterology, oncology, and ENT etc., all these surgeries were conducted by general surgeons. Hence, a Surgeon’s approach is most appropriate and accurate. A good surgeon suggests cheapest and accurate diagnostic investigations only to ensure permanent cure.
Whereas, for all acute problems/issues, a physician hits the symptoms/diseases with say, 10 stones/medicines with the hope that a few stones may hit with dramatic relief. But, it does work in many cases & with ‘no side effects’.
Dr. Bhupathi

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