Monday, February 20, 2017

Most popular smartphones and tablets operating System Android

At present ‘Android’ is the most popular operating System in smart phones and tablets. It can be easily imagined from the fact that approximately 400 mobile phone manufacturers are making android based devices and if we assume 10 models each the figure comes to 4000, therefore many things differ from model to model, however you can use Google’s hang out app as your messaging client and it will allow you to delete your old messages automatically. 
Hangout as SMS client
Hangout as SMS client

How to use Google hang out as your messaging client

  1. Open default messaging app(hangout) 
  2. Tap the three dots  
  3. Tap on setting  
  4. Tap on SMS  
  5. Tap OK(This may take a few seconds to complete)

How to delete messages automatically from hangouts

This is very simple setting, just scroll down to the advanced, check Delete old messages. Now whenever the memory goes low, it will delete old messages.

How to save selective messages on your Android device

Saving important messages is very important but this feature is made available(SMS App) by some of the manufactures. The procedure is –
  1. Open the SMS App.
  2. Tap the menu(Three dots)
  3. Go to setting.
  4. Go to storage.
  5. Tick Delete old Messages.
  6. Set the limit of SMS for each conversation in the drop down menu.
  7. For saving the messages you don’t want to delete, press and hold and when ‘Copy to saved box’ option appears tap it.

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