Friday, February 10, 2017

Pocketbooth-Very Good Selfie App for Android Phone

Pocketbooth- very Good Selfie App for Android Phone- Pocketbooth an intelligently designed to emulate the experience of a real photobooth works on Apple iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Pocketbooth turns your Android device into a vintage photobooth. It allows you to take selfie like a snap in a traditional photobooth. With the help of this app you can make strip of photos(Up to 4 Photos). It also allows you to edit border styles and various photo effects. Pocketbooth is as beautiful to look at as it is fun to use. Pocket booth  is available on the Android Marketplace and the Amazon App store –

Pocketbooth- very Good Selfie App for Android Phone



Features and specifications of Android App Pocketbooth

1.      Works on Android 2.3 and later versions
2.      Small Size  12M
3.      It allows you to Take photos in color, black & white, sepia, or antique .
4.      Compatible with Android devices (Android 1.6 and later)
5.      Booth timings Adjustment
6.      Move to SD option, Adjust pose options  Laugh-out-loud fun!
7.      Share photo strips via Email, Twitter, Facebook, and more
8.      Adjust paper stock
9.      Also works on Apple iOS, and Windows Phone.
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