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SD Cards(The Secure Digital Cards) How to recover data


SD Cards(The Secure Digital Cards) How to recover data-

The Secure Digital Cards(SD Cards) are ultra flash memory cards small in size but having high storage capacity. These cards are very useful to store data in portable and hand held devices like smart phones, tablets etc. These SD Cards need to be used carefully otherwise they may prove troublesome and we may loss our valuable files, photos or videos but if your card is not responding, it does not mean that you have lost your records. Yes, there are possibilities to get your data back so please never try to format your SD Card in haste and try these steps -  
The Secure Digital Cards(SD Cards)-How to recover data
The Secure Digital Cards(SD Cards)-How to recover data

Try to recover SD Cards data without software or App.

First of all try yourself to recover the data, little efforts may prove very useful. Check carefully because sometimes the problem may be with the card reader and not with your SD Card. Your card reader may not be reading cards. Try it on another card reader. Card readers capable of reading both SD Cards and Micro SD Cards are easily available.

Try to recover SD Cards data with software or App.

You can try data  recovery apps like Zar, EaseUs, DiskDigger etc. Some times a free software may not work and you may need a premium version if the data are important, yet there is no guarantee that you will get your full data back.

How to recover Data from a SD Card with a recovery software or app

1.       After installing the recovery software insert the SD Card in the Card reader.
2.       Click on the app or software, an image recovery option will appear in a few moments.
3.       You can start image recovery. It may take some time.
4.       You will be asked the location to save.
5.       Always save computer’s hard drive.
6.       Check that all data have been recovered.

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