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The word permalink stands for permanent link. Blogger provides us two options, the default permalink and custom permalinks. The Default permanent automatically generated by blogger is the best option but the bloggers writing their blogs in their own language, other than English, may need a custom permalink for better search engine results. Users are at liberty to use any type or both types of permalinks. 
Blogger permalinks
Blogger permalinks

What is a blogpost blog permalink

Whenever we create a new post, and upload it on the blogger, it gives an automatically generated permalink. Permalink stands for permanent link and consists of the URL of our blog URL and the title of our post. For example our blog URL is http://blogname.blogspot.com/ and your post title is “my post title” the permalink may be like this http://blogname.blogspot.com/my-post-title.html.

Types of permalinks in a blogspot blog

Blogspot blog has a very descent arrangement to give permanlink to a blog post. Blogger provides its users two permalink options viz default permanlink and custom permlink.

What is a default permalink

Whenever we create a new pot on blogger and publish it blogger automatically gives a permalink to it. This consists of our blog URL and title of the post as mentioned under “What is a blogpost permalink“ heading above. This is the best option to get a permalink in my view. If you don’t want to use the default permalink, you can use your custom permalink.

What is a custom permalink

If you don’t want to use the default permalink you can use your custom permalink. Your custom permalink for example contain your blog URL/label name/post title key words or as you think it best.

How to get a default permalink

To get a default permalink, go to the blogger post editor, click the pencil icon, write the post, complete it in all respects like search description, decide and write the ‘Label’ name, see preview etc. and when ready click on “permalink” as shown in the image below –
Blogger permalinks1
Blogger permalinks1
When you click on “permalink” as shown in the image above, permalink to your post will be generated automatically as shown in the image below.
Blogger permalinks2
Blogger permalinks2
This will be the custom permalink for your post and the URL for your post.

How to get a custom permalink for a new post

The automatically generated permalink is the best option and you must use this permalink but some of the users want to create their own permalinks. This is very easy as blogger has provided an option for it. Write your post and when complete, click on permalink, tow the option for a custom permalink will appear as given in the image given below -
Custom permalink
Custom permalink
Click on ‘Custom permalink’, now the custom permalink option will appear as shown in the image given below.
Custom permalink1
Custom permalink1
 Now you can write the custom permalink in the space provided. This will be your custom permalink.

An example of a custom permalink

A custom permalink must begin with your blog URL and the word ‘html’ will automatically be added by blogger. A custom permalink may be like this “http:// - your blog url -/label/ keywords from post title.
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