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Useful tips, tricks and Special features Google Chrome

Google Chrome-Special features, useful tips and tricks - Google Chrome is considered to be the world’s best web browser with a number of advance features. It is the fastest browser and has all the required security features. Inbuilt adobe flash plash player makes it more advantageous. Its add-ons undergo rigorous tests  before they are finally approved to be added to Chrome. Equally popular in both handheld devices and Desk top computers Chrome has largest number of downloads to its credit.
Google Chrome-Special features, useful tips and tricks
Google Chrome-Special features

You can block unwanted websites on Google chrome

Many times we want some of the websites not to be seen by our kids and want to block some of the web sites. As far as It relates to a smartphone there are a lot of apps for this purpose but there is an extension available for this purpose, the  WEBSITE BLOCKER(BETA) in Google chrome also. To get this extension, Make Google Chrome your default browser and  click this link WEBSITE BLOCKER(BETA). Simply Click “Add to Chrome” as shown in the image given below.

Google Chrome Website Blocker
Google Chrome Website Blocker

Track  your time spent on internet in Google chrome

If you want to know, how much time do you spend on internet, you need not to see the clock and keep a record manually. Your Google Chrome browser will automatically do it for you. What you have to  do is, make  Google Chrome your default browser and  click this link WEBTIMER. Click “Add to Chrome as shown in the image given below. Now Google Chrome will keep the record of the time you spent on internet. Please note that you have to always use Google Chrome to keep this record.

Google Chrome Web Timer
Google Chrome Web Timer

Google Chrome’s “Chrome Cleanup tool’

You can remove any problems with your Google Chrome, like Crashes, Unwanted toolbar, abnormal start ups, unwanted ads, with the help of “Chrome Cleanup Tool”. Click here to download theGoogle Chrome Cleanup Tool.  It is very simple, Open Google Chrome, search “Chrome Cleanup Tool’, Click download, accept the TOS and it will download to your computer. Run the cleanup toll and it will scan Chrome for unwanted software. It will ask you to remove, if any unwanted program found, otherwise you will receive the following message.
Google Chrome Cleanup Tool
Google Chrome Cleanup Tool
You can restore or hide all tabs in a single click in chrome

Suppose you are surfing internet in Google Chrome and a number of tabs are open. Suddenly someone comes to you and whatever the reason may be you don’t want to let him know, what you were surfing. If you close the tabs one by one, the guest may note some information about the tabs which were open. The PANICBUTTON may prove very helpful in this situation. With the help of PANICBUTTON you can close all the open tabs by only one click and later restore in need with single click only. Just open Google chrome, search for ‘Panic Button’ and click add to chrome.
Google Chrome Panic Button
Google Chrome Panic Button
Use Google chrome as default PDF reader
If you are using Google chrome, You don’t need to install a separate reader. Your Google Chrome will work as a complete and efficient reader. Its use is very simple. To open a document in Google Chrome, just right click the document, the following screen will appear-
Google Chrome as PDF Reader
Google Chrome as PDF Reader

Now hover over “Open with” the options will appear like this.
 Your Google Chrome as PDF Reader
Google as reader.
Now click on Chrome and the document will open.

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