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what are Body Toxins how they accumulate in our body how to remove Body Toxins

Body Toxins-what are Body Toxins and how they accumulate in our body 

What are the toxins

In a simple way toxins can be defined as any substance in side our body which causes harms and affects our body adversely. They build up slowly and may remain stored in our body for years without showing any adverse symptom if not removed, however when the level of toxins exceeds the level of body tolerance and the burden of toxins goes too high, the body starts to show adverse effect and we start to feel ill. The exhaust fumes, solvents and inhalants are the toxins coming from environmental sources, toxins from our lifestyle, internal toxins or the toxins automatically created within our bodies and toxins created from our emotions, yes our emotions also create toxins. 

Body Toxins
Body Toxins

Emotional reactions cause body Toxins

Most of the people may not aware and may take the emotions lightly but it is a human tendency that a reaction like excitement, anger, grief, fear, resentment, sorrow or other type of emotion depending on the situation appears when we face a traumatic or stressful situation. If we face these types of emotional stresses repeatedly, It will directly affect our nervous system as well as hormonal systems and it can have an indirect affect on body's natural ability to detoxify itself. Researchers say that there is a direct connection between emotions and health. Therefore we must always try our best to Ignore emotions resulting from an unusual happening to avoid the damage to our bodies. 

Toxins accumulated by Microbes in the intestine

A certain amount of bacteria and yeast resides in our intestinal tract generally called intestinal microbes, are highly beneficial for us and assist our digestion system to digest some of the important vitamins and improve the body's immune system but overgrowth of certain bacteria may harm our health. These absorb nutrients continuously and waste they produce may be absorbed by body's blood circulation system which may lead to some inflammation, weaken the immune system slowing metabolic rate. If our digestive system is normal it takes about 10-18 hours to digest and eliminate what we eat from our body, but in case we have some digestive disorders the undigested food may accumulate in our large intestine for a long time which may cause harmful bacteria and yeast to grow. This accumulation will produce toxic compounds and these will be absorbed by our blood circulation and need detoxification and elimination. 

The Environmental Toxins

The present world is much more advanced in the sphere of technology and industries and this Industrial and technological advancements have resulted in use of thousands of chemicals, resulting in air and water pollution, excessive radiation, excessive use of pesticides and herbicides. Thus we are exposed to severe pollution today but our body is not designed to tolerate such pollution and the considerable onslaught of these toxins. By taking steps to cleanse out those toxins accumulated in your body and further lowering the amount of exposure to these environmental toxins reduce your risk of illness and keep your body function at an optimal level 

Toxins accumulated by Reactions of metabolism

To help break down proteins, fats and sugars into energy during the digestive and metabolic processes a number of metabolic reactions occur in our body at every moment at the molecular level and hormones like estrogen and androgen, excreted by the liver after they are used create toxic waste products like carbon dioxide, Ammonia etc. and need to be eliminated otherwise the hormonal imbalances may result in weight gain, skin disorders and blood glucose imbalances. 

Toxins as a result of unhealthy lifestyle

Today’s unhealthy lifestyle with lack of adequate sleep and exercise, use of drugs carelessly, eating sugar rich foods, plenty of processed foods, consuming addictive substances like caffeine, alcohol, stimulants, sedatives, tobacco products, either to deal with stresses or otherwise as a passion are responsible for introducing toxins into our bodies. Almost all the processed foods available in the market are over-processed with unhealthy ingredients used for better appearance and better taste and to remain fresher for long time and as a result loss their nutritional value. The artificial food additives like colors, flavors and preservatives directly effect our bodied. Certain types of fast food contain animal fat and those animals have been given hormones to fatten the cattle or poultry and antibiotics as well, thus the animal fat that we consume contain hormones and antibiotics, both of which cause hormonal imbalance in our bodies 
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