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Blogger Blog- Support, Facilities Limitations, Restrictions

Blogger Blog- Limitations, Restrictions, Facilities and other Support-Blogger is a free platform and provides other facilities in addition. While we compare it with other platforms like word press, tumbler etc, it is far ahead of them in every sector. Blogger has the easiest interface. Blogger is liked by a large number of users and it is my favorite platform. Besides all these things has imposed some limitations and restrictions on users. These limitations and restrictions hardly effect the performance and other things of users therefore it is not at all a serious issue but every blogger must be aware of all these limitations. The limitations and restrictions are explained below in brief -
Blogspot Blog- support, Limitations, Restrictions, Facilities
Blogspot Blog- support, Limitations, Restrictions, Facilities

What is the limit of “AboutMe” description.

You are allowed to write “AboutMe” for your blog in a maximum limit of 1200 characters.
What is the limit of Profile Interests and Favorites description.
You are allowed to describe your Profile, Interests and Favorites in not more than 2000 characters in each field.

Maximum number of blogger blogs allowed per account

A blogger can create any number of blogs between 1 to 100 in his account.

How many pages can be created on a Single blogger blog

There is no such limit is defined by blogger. You can create as many pages as 
you want on your blog.

How many posts can be created on single a blogger blog

There is no such limit imposed by blogger. You can have as many blog posts as you want on a single blogger blog.

What is the maximum size of a post on a blogger blog

There no post size limit defined by blogger for a blog post. However in practical it will be better to post large posts in parts.

What is the maximum number of images per blogger blog

The uploading of images is not defined in numbers. You can upload up to 1GB of total images irrespective of the number of images. By upgrading to G+ this space will be shared with Gmail and increased to a maximum limit of 15 GB.

What is the number of labels allowed per blogger blog

A blogspot blogger can create up to 2000 unique labels per blog and 20 post per label. I think this number is more than sufficient.

What is the blog description text limit in a blogger blog

You can write your blog description in maximum 500 characters. However, the use of HTML is prohibited in blog description.

What can be the maximum size of a page in blogger blog

The maximum size of a blogger page must be within the limit of 1 MB in all. This limit also apply to your main page as well as archive pages.

Maximum number of comments allowed per blogger blog post.

There is no limit of comments per post. A blog post can have any number of comments and all comments will be saved. You can choose any number of comments to be displayed, rest will be hidden.

What is the maximum size of a blog Import file.

There are no specific file sizes are defined for importing a blog. However, if you have multi blogs the restriction of importing blog per day will apply.

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