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Blogger default template- How to customize Blogger default template

Blogger default template- How to customize Blogger default template -Blogger provides its users a large number of templates. These templates are easy to use and work fast. Though blogger allows its users to use third party templates or their own templates but blogger default templates have their own specilities because these are accepted by blogger after checking every auspect of them. You can easily add HTML codes like ‘Related Posts’, ‘site Map’ and many more to them. In this article I have discussed how to customize a blogger’s default Template.

How to customize the Blogger default template
How to customize the Blogger default template

·        Login to your blogger dash board.

·        Click ‘Template’.

·        Here you will see a number of templates in various categories like ‘Simple’ ‘Dynamic Views’ ‘Picture Window’, ‘Awsome Inc’, ‘Watermark’, ‘Ethereal’, ‘Travel’.

·        Choose the template you like most from any category.

·        Move your cursor on the template of your choice, now  two options :Apply to blog” and “Customize” will appear below the template.

·        Click ‘Customize’, you will be taken to the customization page.

·        Click ‘Background’, the back ground options will appear, choose the background of your choice.

·        Next click “Adjust Width”, here two options will appear. One for the ‘Entire Blog’ and another for the ‘Right Side bar’. Here Adjust bothe the widths.

·        Next click “Layout”. Here add or remove ‘Gadgets’, configure header and posts.

·        Next click “Advanced”. Here nine options will appear-1- Page, 2-Header, 3-Header Bar, 4-Links, 5-Blog Title, 6-Blog Description, 7-Post Title, 8-Date Ribbon and 9-Add CSS

·        Click these 9 options one by one and customize them as per your choice.

·        You can Click Here to open the color codes.

·        When done click Apply to blog in top right hand.

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