Monday, March 06, 2017

Samsung Find My Mobile-How to use it to Unlock Android Device screen


Samsung Find My Mobile-How to use it to Unlock Android Device screen
An Android Smartphone screen initially activate by swiping on the screen but we can set a security password for safety of our privacy, data and pictures. We can also set a pattern as a safety measure. Its all very good but the problem occurs when we forget the security password. if your Android device is manufactured by Samsung, you can use Samsung Find My Mobile facility to unlock our Smartphone. If you have already created a Samsung account and registered your device there, it is the easiest way to unlock your Samsung device. The easy procedure is explained below – 
Samsunf Find my phone
Samsunf Find my phone
Go to the website Samsung Find My Mobile.

Sign in using your Samsung login credentials.

In the Find My Mobile account page you will find your registered phone on the left hand side.

This confirmation that you’re phone is registered there.

Now select ‘Unlock my screen’ in the left hand side.

Next select ‘Unlock’.

You may need to wait for a few seconds for the process to complete.

When the process is complete you will see a notification confirming the unlocking of your screen.

That’s all. Your Smartphone is unlocked now.

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