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SIM Card Safety Android Phone -Keep SIM Card Locked, How to lock and Unlock Android SIM card


SIM Card Safety Android Phone -Keep SIM Card Locked, How to lock and Unlock Android SIM card - SIM(Subscriber Identity Module) is in fact a smart card inserted in every mobile phone, smart phone or a tablet. Each SIM card carries a unique identification number pertaining to its owner. It stores other data related to its owner and if it goes faulty or removed from the instrument it stops working. Now in modern devices with advance technology, a Micro SIM card is also in use. A SIM card or Micro SIM card contains very important information about the owner and if it falls in improper hands it may cause considerable loss to the owner.
SIM Card Safety-Keep SIM Card Locked, How to lock and Unlock SIM card
SIM Card Safety-Keep SIM Card Locked, How to lock and Unlock SIM card

How to keep your SIM Card Safe

SIM cards or Micro SIM Cards are made available by your Telecom service providers and all these are equipped with locking facility. Mobile phone vendors also make necessary arrangements for SIM locking in their software and you can make it safe by locking it.

What is the PUK(PIN Unlock Key)

Every SIM card is issued with a default PIN Unlock Key or PUK. If you have locked the SIM erroneously by a wrong pass word you can unlock it with the help of PIN Unlock Key. You will have to contact your service provider to get a PIN Unlock Key for your SIM.

How to set up SIM lock for Android Phone

1.       Open your device screen and find “Settings”(The gear icon) and tap it.

2.       Scroll down to “Personal”

3.       Under Personal tap “Security”

4.       Under “SIM Card Lock” tap “Set up SIM card lock”.

5.       The installed SIM Tab with name will be displayed on the top of the screen. If you have installed two SIM cards two tabs with the name of each SIM Card(Such as Vodaphone, BSNL etc) will be displayed on the top of the page. Two options namely “Lock SIM card” and “Change SIM PIN” will appear on the screen.

6.       Now touch the “Lock SIM card” option.

7.       Enter the desired PIN and tap OK. Please remember this PIN because you will need it again and again.

How to change SIM lock for Android Phone

1.       To change the PIN of your SIM card follow the above procedure from point number ‘1’ to ‘5’

2.       As you have already set up a PIN, the “Change SIM PIN” option will appear.

3.       Now tap “Change SIM PIN”.

4.       You will be prompted your Old PIN.

5.       Please enter old PIN and Tap OK

6.       Now you will be asked a new PIN two times. Both times you have to enter the new PIN and click OK both times.

7.       Restart your device.

Note – If you enter an incorrect PIN repeatedly for many times, it may result in  your SIM card blocking. The blocking is automatically done as per the arrangements made in the software. If the SIM card locking occurs it will be beyond your control. You will have to get a PIN unblocking key from your service provider. Please note that if it happens repeatedly your SIM card may be blocked forever and the only solution of this problem is getting a new SIM.

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