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Step by step guide to Create blogspot Blog in less than 5 Minutes


How to Create a New Blog on blogger in less than 5 Minutes-There are a number of platforms like wordpress, Tumbler, Typepad, medium and many more. The list may be very big but the blogger( is liked by most of the users. The number of user on blogger platform is largest. It is very easy to use and free platform. Blogger( is owned by Google Inc, hence a number of facilities are automatically linked to it. Blogger provides a number of templates and gadgets and user can use their own(Third Party) domain name. A single user can create up to 100 blogs without any cost. Creating a blog on is very easy and it takes less then 5 minutes time. Just follow the following easy steps –

New Blog on blogger in less than 5 Minutes
New Blog on blogger in less than 5 Minutes
·          To create a blog you have to login to the blogger dash board and for logging in to blogger Dashboard you will need an ID and password. Every Gmail account is a Google account and you can use your Gmail ID and password for logging in to blogger dashboard.

·          While you login to blogger Dashboard You will see a button “New Blog”, Please click on it. Now you will see the next screen.

·          Here fill the particulars as given below –

·          Title – Here write the title of your blog in brief not exceeding 160 characters. You can Edit it later at any time.
·          Address – Here you have to enter the URL of your blog of your choice. Half of the URL( will be taken automatically. When you enter a blog address, its availability will be checked and a message will be displayed weather the address you want is available or not. If your desired address is available, proceed to template otherwise keep on trying another address till you get a message that this address is available. You can change this address later at any time. You can also add a custom domain at any time later.
·          Template – Here you will see a number of blogger templates. Please select one of the templates of your choice. You can change this template choosing another from the huge template stock of blogger or any other third party template.

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