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Dr dhananjay Bhupathy on DEPRESSION, anxiety patients with suicidal tendency


Dr Dhananjay Bhupathy on DEPRESSION, anxiety patients with suicidal tendency


Death is a MUST for every living being. Do not be afraid of Death. It is the door through which everybody has to pass to enter a new world. Death is like a kind mother who takes away this old body, old clothes and gives us new clothes i. e. new body-a new life. 
DEPRESSION, anxiety patients with suicidal tendency
DEPRESSION, anxiety patients with suicidal tendency

1.       I too had similar feelings when I took self medication for Malaria fever in 1975. I went upstairs of a 5 storey building and wanted to climb the parapet wall to jump. 

2.        At that time, my Atma/6th sense came to my rescue. I had instructions not to go further, since I had lot to do for my most beloved parents, brothers and sisters and the society. 

3.       I went downstairs and disturbed my close friend and told my mindset. Immediately, he took me to a physician and the doctor gave medicine and told me 'not to indulge in self medication and siquil tablet has tendency to commit suicide.

4.       Then I thought “BACH GAYA SALA!!!!".

5.       Now, I am a doctor to attempt to cure all incurable diseases. The results are amazing to me also. I'm 69+ with wife, children + grand children faring well. 


2. Human life is the best compared to the lives of all the animals in this world. Because, it is only the man/woman with a fully developed brain to realize and pray the God. That too every boy/girl must live a full life of 120 years as gifted by Him. "Shatamanam Bhavathi".. 

3. On completing my 68th birthday last month, I write that “Really Life is marvelous, enchanting, challenging and most wonderful, which none should miss”. More so, the sex within wedlock, any woman with motherhood, child rearing is moulding our children/ our Xerox copies + the grand children.
Any individual perceiving fear of death* due to cancer, lymphoma, and any other dreaded disease must see the appended video link to conquer the “the demon-fear”. Mrs. Anita is an American citizen of Indian origin. She conquered death on seeing the God and survived, on going into coma for 30 hours-- just out of her deep faith in Him. Her unstinted love for her beloved husband brought her soul back into her dilapidated body affected by lymphoma cancer. She recovered totally just in 4 months. Of course, it was a miracle.

2. Dying to be me-Anita noorani. Anita Worked in the corporate field before diagnosed with terminal cancer. Four years after being diagnosed her body began shutting down. As her organs failed she entered into an extraordinary near-death experience where she realized the cause of her disease as well as waking up to who she truly is. On regaining consciousness she found her condition had improved so rapidly that she was released from hospital within weeks.

A WORD OF CAUTION TO SUICIDE* MONGERS, Suicide*.Life goes on... whether you choose to move on and take a chance in the unknown. Or stay behind, locked in the past, thinking of what could have been. Today is the most important for you in order to try your best to create your bright future.

You must know, you're feeling horrible about your past, so much you're ashamed but it's more shameful to think of suicide, it's more shameful than everything you did. think about logic, aybe it was your reaction for something painful happened with you in the past perhaps you had disease or you experienced emotional problems and that was your way to get rid of your anger and pain think of your beloved ones, the people that think you're amazing what would they think about you when they know you think about such a thing as a suicide? suicide is just for weak people, strong people stand up ready for anything in life so it's your choice to be who you are. it's all in your mind that you're horrible and what proves that you're such a good person is that you regret what bad you have done bad persons never regret or feel ashamed or horrible about bad things they have done they continue to be the persons they are. so take a chance to know and love yourself more and everyone will love you too.

every morning look into the mirror and say I’m a great person, I love myself and you'll grow into a greater and greater person and trust if you try to kill yourself and commit suicide you'll end up into a memory of weakness not greatness never forget that everything on earth is born for some reason, you're born to live your own life and believe me what lies ahead will be better and in your favor but you need to believe in that you are alive to love and be loved by someone 

just leave that damn past behind, you'll grow stronger from now on believe me, everything will be alright life is beautiful. Life is but a pack of problems. When you work to solve one set of problems, much before they are resol ved, another set shall be ready for solutions. That is the essence of human life. Whatever be the gravity of your problems, please, always remember that crores of people on this earth are more unfortunate than you. 

Dr. Dhanjai Bhupathy ON DEPRESSION and anxiety patients with suicidal tendency
Dr. Dhanjai Bhupathy ON DEPRESSION and anxiety patients with suicidal tendency
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