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How to Link your Aadhar card With Incometax PAN Card


Why should I link my Aadhar card With Incometax PAN Card

The Government of India has passed an order that Adhar account and incometax Permanent Account Number (PAN) should be linked with each other latest by July 31 this year otherwise it will not be possible to file incometax terurn.

Link your Aadhar card With Incometax PAN Card
Link your Aadhar card With Incometax PAN Card

What are the problems faced while linking Aadhar card With Incometax PAN Card

The main and only considerable problem faced by tax payers is difference in their names in Adhar account and incometax Permanent Account Number (PAN). In fact we are very careless about the correctness of our names. You can see the example below that a single name could be written in ten and even more styles - 

For example one Mr. Nirvikar Swaroop may use to write his name at various times as- N S srivastawa, N. S. srivastawa, N S Shrivastawa, N. S. Shrivastawa, Nirvikar Swaroop, Nirvikar Swarup, srivastawa N S, srivastawa N.S. Srivastawa Nirvikar.

Both the Adhar card records and PAN records are centrally stored in machines(Computer Servers) but both the machines are some different in nature. For example some of the special characters used are recognized by PAN card servers but the same are not recognized at all by Adhar card servers.

A person having any of the above error may face a difficulty while linking his PAN and adhar.

What are the solutions of the problems faced while linking Aadhar card With Incometax PAN Card

The legitimate solution in such cases, is to apply for correction in your name in either document(Adhar or PAN card) but the procedures of getting the names corrected is lengthy and boaring. To make it easy for the tax payers the government has made the process some easy in order to provide simple solutions for them.

·         Login  to the Adhar(UIDAI) website and request for a change in the name.

·         You will receive a verification one-time password on the phone number already registered with the Adhar(UIDAI) website.

·         Please submit the OTP Received and your correction will be done.

·         For ladies whose surname has been changed as they got married during this period, in such cases One-Time Passwords (OTP) will be sent to the mobile phone number registered with Adhar and The incometax authorities would match the year of birth of the taxpayer with the Adhar database.

·         The easiest solution is that if a name of an individual on both the Adhar card and PAN Card  does not match he/she can simply upload a screen shot/scanned copy of his/her PAN Card and it will be accepted. 

You can use any of the following procedure to link your Aadhar to your PAN -

Link Aadhar card to PAN using a Physical Form

You can link your Aadhar to your PAN by submitting a form. You will need to enter the details of both, PAN and Aadhar. The applicant will need to sign two declarations. No-1 saying the Aadhaar provided in the application form has not been used to linking it with "any other PAN" and No-2 saying I have not been allotted a PAN other than the one mentioned on this form.
Link Aadhar card to PAN using SMS Based Facility

You can get your Aadhar and PAN linked very easily by sendi g a simple SMS to 567678 or 56161. The SMS must be in the following format –

UIDPAN<Space>Write 12 digit Aadhar No. like 111122223333 <Space> Write alpha numeric PAN Number like AAAPA9999Q

This service can be used only if name given in the Aadhaar card and PAN card are identical
Link Aadhar card to PAN visiting Efiling website of incometax department  

1.   Visit – www.incometaxIndiaefiling.gov.in,
2.   Click on the 'Link Aadhaar' option on the left hand side.
3.   Enter your PAN No,
4.   Enter your Aadhaar and name given on the Aadhaar Card.( The detail to be filled are case sensitive.)
5.   Click on 'Link Aadhaar'
6.   You will receive a message of successful linking.
7.   If you receive an error message please proceed rectify the error.


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