How to Backup and restore Your WhatsApp Conversations in Android

WhatsApp is most popular app in the world used my millions of people and WhatsApp conversations contain valuable photos and images too in addition to text messages and documents. If at any stage any messaging app has accidentally or you have erroneously deleted conversations it will be really annoying as you will loss your valuable memories and documents.  WhatsApp has arrangements to take a backup of their conversation history  media at any stage. To avoid such disasterous situation of losing your extremely valuable WhatsApp conversations, you need frequent backups at another place and Google Drive may be the best option for this purpose. The easy procedures of create and restoring backups of extremely valuable WhatsApp conversations is explained below –

WhatsApp conversations backup

WhatsApp conversations backup
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Minimum requirements for whatsApp backup on Google drive

To backup whatsApp conversation on Google drive, you need to have-

1.   An active Google account on your Smartphone.
2.   You must have an Android version 2.3.4 or later in your handset.
3.   Google Play services installed on your phone.
4.   Adequate free space on your Google Drive to save your WhatsApp chats, media, photos, videos, voice messages, audio files etc.
5.   Enough free space on your phone to create the backup.

How to backup WhatsApp conversations in Android

WhatsApp on Smartphones running on Android has arrangements to create backup of your conversations automatically on a daily basis and these backups are stored in the WhatsApp folder on your phone's internal memory/microSD card. However if you wish, you are at liberty to create another backup at your Google drive manually in the following manner -
1.   Open WhatsApp
2.   Tap the menu button, this is in the forms off three vertical dots in the top-right corner. 
3.   Tap Settings.  
4.   Tap Chats. 
5.   Chat Backup, Now your existing conversations backups and options will appear.
6.   Please select your options and your Google drive setting and tap backup button,
These files are saved as msgstore.db.crypt7 on your phone (WhatsApp/Databases folder). To locate your latest backup you can rename your latest backup file as "msgstore.db.crypt7.current" (.current added).

How To restore conversations from WhatsApp backup

To restore a WhatsApp backup folder please follow these simple steps –

1.   Uninstall the existing WhatsApp.
2.  Choose the file from your whatsapp backup files. Mostly people restore a recent/latest backup so if you want to restore the latest backup please remove the .current added by you. In brief the backup file to be restored mush be renamed to msgstore.db.crypt7/
3.  Reinstall WhatsApp afresh.
4.  Verify your phone number.
5.   WhatsApp will inform you that they have found backed up messages.
6.   Tap Restore. Select the backup file you want to restore.
7.   Please wait for some time as the conversations to appear in the app may take some time.

Causes of failure of WhatsApp Goole Drive backup restoration

Your WhatsApp conversation backup restoration may fail due to any of the following reasons-

1.   Please check that you are using the correct phone number.
2.   There is enough free space on your phone to restore the backup.
3.   Google Play services are installed on your phone.
4.   Your phone is connected to a stable network

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