How to Backup and restore Your WhatsApp Conversatiuns in iPhone

Android and iPhone are the two market leaders. Android is No-1 and the second is iPhone. whatsApp runs in both but Android is much more popular and whatsApp backup in Android is very easy and stored on Google drive. WhatsApp conversation backup process is a little different for iPhone. iPhone uses Apple's iCloud service to back up WhatsApp conversations.

WhatsApp conversations to iCloud in iPhone
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before starting please be sure that your iCloud Drive is on, If not please turn your iCloud Drive on.

You can watch this Video to view detailed audio visual explanations

How to turn your iCloud Drive on

1.   Go to Settings on your Home screen.
2.   Swipe, scroll down and find iCloud.
3.   Tap iCloud button.
4.   Next tap iCloud Drive button.
5.   If  it is on than its OK but if it is off  then Tap the turn iCloud drive on.
6.   Make sure to turned on iCloud access for WhatsApp.
7.   An apps list will appear. This list will be in alphabetical order and accordingly WhatsApp will be near the end.

How to backup WhatsApp conversations to iCloud in iPhone

1.   Tap WhatsApp icon on your Home screen.
2.   Tap on Settings.
3.   Tap on Chats.
4.   Tap on Chat backup.
5.   Tap Back Up Now.
6.   Your Chats will be uploaded to your iCloud storage.

How to automatically backup WhatsApp conversations to iCloud in iPhone

If you prefer an automatic back up of your chat data to iCloud you can easily do so. To do so you will see an option on the backup now screen. By default the backup frequency is set to weekly but more options like daily, monthly are also available. To change the option of your choice -

1.   Tap on Auto Backup.
2.   Tap the backup frequency.
3.   Choose one options from Daily, Weekly and Monthly.
4.   If you want to backup your Videos also, Tap the next  "Include videos".

How to restore WhatsApp conversations from iCloud backup

You can easily recover your chat history from an iCloud backup following these simple steps-  
First you have to check if a backup exists at iCloud. To check – 

1.   Open WhatsApp.
2.   Tap menu in top right hand corner.
3.   Tap Settings.
4.   Tap Chats.
5.   Tap Chat Backup. If there you see a backup please follow these steps to restore.
6.   Delete WhatsApp
7.   Go to Google App Store and reinstall the WhatsApp again.  
8.   After verifying your phone number, WhatsApp will ask you that a chat backup is available.
9.   Please follow the instructions to restore your chat history.

Your WhatsApp conversation backup restoration may fail due or more of the following reasons-

1.   Please check that you are using the same phone number.
2.   There is enough free space on your phone to restore the backup.
8.   Your iCloud drive is on.
3.   Your phone is connected to a stable network.
4.   Your device is not having iOS 7 or older.



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