Top 10 WhatsApp tips tricks WhatsApp special features you must know

WhatsApp is the most popular mobile messaging platform of the world having more than 1 billion users and over 1 billion WhatsApp groups. WhatsApp users send more than 42 billion messages, share over 2 billion images and 260 million videos daily. WhatsApp has achieved this within a short span of 6-7 years. The company was purchased by facebook for a high amount of 19 billion dollars. Inspite of a huge number of users, most of the users don’t know many little tips and tricks which make their WhatsApp user experience better. Some of such tips and tricks are given below -
Top 10 WhatsApp tips tricks
Top 10 WhatsApp tips tricks

1 Stop incoming media from automatically saving

WhatsApp automatically saves images and videos in Gallery or Photos app on Android and to the Camera Roll on iOS devices by default but you can stop it if you so wish. To stop this just go to Settings>Chat Settings. toggle off "Saving Incoming Media". 

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2 Backup your WhatsApp chats or set your device to Auto Back up.

Backups of WhatsApp chats are some times very essential for example when you change your hand set due to any reason. The best solution of this it keep your device on auto backup mode. If your phone is on auto backup mode, your chats will automatically be saved to Google Drive in case of Android users and iCloud in case of iPhone users. To set your phone to auto backup mode or chat back up, just go to Settings, tap Chat Settings, and select Chat Backup, back up the chat now or turn on Auto Backup You can restore your chats when you reinstall WhatsApp on the new phone. When you switch to a new handset you will be prompted to restore your chats when you reinstall WhatsApp on the new phone. iPhone users can read detailedinstructions to restore your backup here  and Android users can read detailed instructions to restore your backup here.
3 Mute WhatsApp group notifications permanently or for a specific time

Some times you may find group conversations annoying. You can mute notifications, in case of iphone users just open the group chat, to open the Group Info screen tap the subject and tap mute. If you are an Android user, open the chat, then tap the Menu button, and tap Mute. You can turn off notifications permanently or for a specific time.

4 Determine when your sent message was read

As we all know that check marks next to sent message indicate the status of the message. One grey check mark indicates successful transmission two grey check marks indicate successful delivery to the recipient's phone. Two blue check marks indicate that recipient has read your message.
But many of my friends don’t know they can find some more details about their sent messages. To find more message details like the precise time it was delivered and read just tap and hold on the message, and then tap the Info option. iOS users, can just tap and drag the message to the left.

5 Messaging send text, photo,audio, Video files

In WhatsApp chat you are at liberty to send anything like text, photos audio or videos. Go to the bottom of the chat, tap in the text field to open keyboard for sending text. Tap the pin symbol to choose a document, photo/video from your library. Tap the camera symbol to create a new Photo video. To record and send an audio message tap microphone symbol on the right side of the text field.

6 Use internet data or Wi-Fi for Calling

You can make voice calls and Video calls on WhatsApp and your Call will consume your Wi-Fi or your phone’s internet data and not your cellular plan’s talk time. To make a voice call simply tap the dialer symbol(Telephone Hand set symbol) on the right side of the contact. To make a video call open the chat of the contact you want to call. Tap the video camera symbol, you will be prompted to start the Video call, please tap call.

7 Archive your groups or individual chats

To hide a conversation from your Chats screen WhatsApp allows you to archive Chat, it may be a groups or individual chats. In this process your conversations are simply organized and these chats are neither deleted nor backed up to your SD card. Archived Chat always appear at the bottom of your Chats screen
The steps to archive all chats are very simple, just go to Settings, next scroll down, and select Archive All Chats. You can also clear all chats from this same section.
8 Protect your chats with a passcode

Though there is no arrangements in WhatsApp to safeguard your chats from snoopers but you can use third-party apps. The apps like Messenger and Chat Block, AppLock, or Smart AppLock may be used these will let you enable a password or PIN. A WhatsApp Locker On Windows Phone and Lock for Whats Messenger on BlackBerry may also be used.

9 Save WhatsApp conversation as a text file

You can save your WhatsApp conversation as a text file. Just open the chat for the individual or group>Tap on the Menu Button>Tap on More>Tap on Email chat>Choose whether to Attach Media or not. An email as a text document will be composed with your chat history attached.

10 Disable WhatsApp Read Receipts

Sometimes due to time scarcity or otherwise you want to disable WhatsApp Read Receipts and you don’t want people knowing that you’ve seen their message or not. In such case go to Settings > Account > Privacy and set the Read Receipts option to off(uncheck the box).



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