In the previous post I discussed that how can we type our large text documents on our Internet connected PC just by speaking in a microphone. It has been possible with the help of the software ‘Speechnotes’ and as the speechnotes and Android both are Googles initiatives, The same app as available on PC, is made available in our Android smart phones also. In this post I will discuss in detail, how can we type in our android mobile just by speaking in the phone’s own microphone, without installing any external application and without using a external Mike.
Type just speaking in the phone's Microphone in Android
Type just speaking in the phone's Microphone in Android

What can we do typing speaking in your android mobile phone

In our android smartphone we can type any document, we can reply our text messages, we can reply our WhatsApp messages, we can make a memo and much more things using this feature.

Requirements for typing by speaking in your android mobile phone

This is a built in system in our android mobile phone through which it can recognize our voice and types whatever we speak in the Microphone, when your phone keyboard is open.

Please witch the Video to learn in details through audio Visual display on the topic HOW TO TYPE JUST SPEAKING IN YOUR ANDROID MOBILE PHONE HOW TO USE SPEECH RECOGNISATION ON YOUR MOBILE PHONE

How to select Input language for typing by speaking in your android mobile phone

You can type in a number of languages. To select the language of your choice tap on Microphone again, now tab on setting and your settings for voice command will open. Here you can choose the languages in which you want to speak and type. Now tap on languages, the list of all languages will appear. Please select English India, English UK and Hindi or other language and tap on save.

Tab on Mike again this and start speaking. Whatever you speak in the Mike, your phone will type.

How to change language in a multi language document while by speaking in your android mobile phone

If you want to type the document in multiple languages you can do it but if for example you are speaking in English and the next paragraph is to be typed in a different language and you start to speak in other language your phone will not recognize it properly. In such case you need to change the input language. To do this tab on Mike first to stop listening, After that tab on mike again, now it will easily sense your language

How to type without keyboard by speaking in your android mobile phone

first I will explain about the steps to use this feature in WhatsApp. In today's life whatsApp is one of the most popular messaging app that’s why I liked to choose it for example. We receive and send a lot of messages and other things on our WhatsApp application everyday

We find it very difficult to reply each message because we don't have the time for typing but using this feature we can easily speak in the phone’s microphone which will convert the voice in typed text very fast.

So I will show you in WhatsApp for that open your WhatsApp 

Open any chat

Here tab for type a message.

your keyboard will open, in your keyboard if you look carefully there is a sign of Microphone in the bottom left corner. If you do not foind your Microphone sign there then look your keyboard carefully you may find it some elsewhere depending on your mobile phone model.  I am explaining here based on my Samsung phone, it's the original system keyboard

So when you find the Microphone sign then tab on it, as you tab your phone start listening you and it say speak now so as you speak it starts typing

So now you can easily type your messages without touching your keyboard

Sometime it happens that you cannot find your Microphone sign in your keyboard. In such case watch every key in your phone's keyboard carefully. You may see the :-) sign near the space key and on this key in the corner you can also find a small mic sign, please long press this key and all the hidden option under this key will appear

From here select the Microphone option and now in your keyboard this key start functioning for Microphone.





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