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Dual Pension For the widows of Ex-Servicemen – Till January 2013 wodows of Armed
Forces Personnel(Drawing Two Pensions) could draw only one pension after the death of 
their husband had to surrender either one of the two pensions but  WEF 13 January 2013, 
Central Govt. has approved that they can draw both the pensions. To down sanction letter

Get Every detail about your Defence  pension from above (1) and (2)

Pensioners Portal - Get Every detail about your Central Govt.  pension from this link.

(3)    CGDA- Suvigya       Suvigya
Fill in the particulars and check correctness of the pension you are Drawing above (a) and

(Applicable to post-1996 & pre-2006 civil pensioners)

wide  information related to pensioners

State Govt. Pension Websites- This link will take you to a link where a map of India will
appear. Please wait for a few moments for loading. Next Please hover over the state name.
A small box with link will appear in top right, click and drag the blank mouse pointer to 
the link box and drop it there. Now click the link, it will go to the state’s pension office 

Central Govt. Pension Rules Please Read Rules / Regulations / Acts administered by 
the  Department of Pension and Pensioners' Welfare

(This Scheme has been merged with Central Civil Service(Extraordinary Pension)Rules, Category 'D' and 'E', vide 

Notification No. S.O. 410(E) dated 15.2.2011 and now this is a part of 
Central Civil Service(Extraordinary Pension) Rules) 
The provision under these rules relating to preparation of pension papers, sanction, authorization and disbursement of pension can be seen at 'Pension Procedure'


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